TRAXits: Your new powerful to-do tool.

With the introduction of TRAXits in June of 2016, TRAX provides a unified, convenient way for employees to keep track of tasks and to-do’s, and monitor project progress. TRAXits can be assigned by users to specific groups or individuals, and status is tracked through the phases of New, Acknowledged, Current, and Done. On each TRAXit, users can add due dates and reminder dates, and carry on logged conversations with notes and attached documents. All TRAXits assigned to a user are sorted and filtered on their TRAX dashboard, to allow for quick, simple management of all current tasks.

For HTS, the use of TRAXits is being adopted by a growing number of employees and departments, who utilize the combination of managing outstanding tasks, collaboration capability, and the ability to maintain organizational memory. In the first three months of implementation at HTS, employees created more than 1,000 TRAXits. By the end of the first eight months, the number of existing TRAXits in the system increased to more than 10,000, and continues climbing today.

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