TRAX Launches LIVE in Ontario

TRAX launched live to the Ontario offices of HTS on September 14, 2015, with more than 100 unique users on opening day. With this live launch, TRAX successfully brings 23 years of business intelligence and innovation into a web platform that will allow for optimized, efficient company performance. In this release phase, the primary functions of the TRAX software for HTS focus on maintaining a current Job Registry, allowing for streamlined Project Management, and managing Accounting services.

Through the Beta release phase preceding this launch, HTS employees helped to fine-tune the software by revealing initial issues and shortcomings within the system’s underlying framework, and exposing red flags to developers. HTS founding principal, TRAX key stakeholder and subject matter expert Andy Selin describes the process of Beta testing and revisions by comparing it to “having your electrical inspector tell you, ‘Great work on getting the lights on, but your wiring didn’t meet code,’ which led the TRAX team to spend the next year re-wiring the house, while at the same time upgrading the plumbing fixtures, adding new terrazzo floors and repainting with a lot of colour.”

As TRAX continued through multiple updates during the Beta phase, the software’s performance issues were resolved, speed was improved, and user interface was optimized to exceed the expectations of Beta testers. Moving forward from the first live launch of TRAX, our team is confident in the success of this deployment and looks forward to the next steps in widespread implementation for HTS.

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