TRAX Beta Launches in Ontario

Our development team is excited to announce that TRAX Beta is now active across the seven Ontario branch offices of HTS. Beta testing will continue through the summer of 2015, and serve as a decisive step in the journey toward the initial live release in September. To prepare for this important phase, the offices chosen for Beta testing received individual training sessions from the TRAX development team, and were given access to additional online training resources, as well as a technology Helpdesk portal where users can troubleshoot issues to IT employees for assistance.

This Beta group’s primary purpose will be testing the TRAX software’s critical functionality to ensure the system can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios. Testing will also provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of the software’s intuitive, user-friendly design. TRAX Beta will introduce the HTS workforce to unique system features, including clear Dashboard screens to show active goals and tasks, navigation that tracks movement through the system to allow for re-tracing steps, and smooth updating features. With its enhanced content-centric approach, TRAX Beta aims to prove the software’s ability to leverage a robust, easy-to-use platform that delivers dynamic real-time reporting to increase the efficiency of business operations.

As the TRAX team carries out testing, this phase will help to anticipate issues and enable our live release to hit the ground running for HTS employees. Throughout the Beta period, development teams will continue to make software updates and improvements, and successively provide enhanced functionality leading up to the live release date later this year.

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