Project Management: The Focus on Deliverables

To create a more efficient process of project management, TRAX monitors each project’s progress by means of deliverables. Deliverables keep track of the tasks that need to be done for the project, as well as provide the status of each task, and notify project managers of potential problems in advance by allowing for a long-term perspective of project timelines. Deliverables integrate easily with the job registry and quoting system, as well as submittals and shipments on the project side. Detailed lists of deliverables also provide useful information for service, startup and warranty downstream activities.

By providing innovative competitive market information, TRAX also drives new conversations with clients, by giving sales teams access to market knowledge not currently seen in the manufacturer’s representative industry. Deliverable workflows in TRAX shift customer interactions, with customer portals showing real-time information to suppliers. Andy Selin, HTS founding principal, TRAX key stakeholder and subject matter expert, encourages users to “imagine a world where customers view our business tools as a much needed component in helping them deliver a successful project.”

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