Paperless Operations Made Possible with BlueBeam

Can one of the most document intensive industries ever go paperless? The TRAX development team believes that, like everything, this can be made possible with the right technology. Bluebeam integration was added to TRAX in late 2016, and now stores all documents sent into HTS Ontario to improve collaboration, radically reduce paper usage, optimize space utilization in the offices, and support the ability to work from anywhere.

With Bluebeam in TRAX, HTS employees can review, edit, and mark-up construction documents digitally. Multiple users can collaborate from different offices to work simultaneously on the same job documents using Bluebeam Studio, while allowing collaborators to see or filter other team member’s markups and comments – all in real time. This integration is an important step for TRAX as developers aim for the overall goal of achieving maximum business efficiency through carefully designed technology.

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