Export to Excel: Simplify your data with TRAX

Sales and project data is vital to company planning and forecasting, but only with the ability to analyze how business metrics correlate to each other. What is the optimal amount of contact days to secure bids? Are there have enough people on staff to handle the amount of quoted work? Are clients getting the best service we can provide?

TRAX is equipped with feature throughout to export tables of data in a format that is readily usable by Excel. While TRAX provides powerful searching, sorting and totaling capabilities directly within the system, special data analysis and manipulation are simplified with easy exports of data for external tools. Employees and management can use data provided by TRAX to ensure their business operates at maximum efficiency.

The emphasis on deliverables in TRAX also enables employees to measure their own success with clear and understandable metrics. Dashboard displays store data in one central place to help employees set achievable, meaningful goals on their deliverables, and empower them to become more proactive in planning and forecasting.

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