Expanding South: TRAX Launches in Texas

In April of 2016, less than one year after the initial launch of TRAX in Ontario, the system was implemented in the six Texas branch offices of HTS, with a total of 67 unique Texas users and 151 Ontario users on opening day. Within the first week of TRAX use in Texas, jobs were successfully converted in every HTS office. To ease the transition for company employees, IT and development teams worked to ensure a successful integration of information from the company’s previous system into the TRAX database.

As TRAX went live across Texas, HTS employees found their existing job registry costing and bills of materials already migrated and available, in an improved format, on TRAX. Other day one capabilities included enhanced professional presentation on all bid activity, and searchable filters making products easy to find in the system. While the user-friendly interface helps users adapt to the software, developers will continue working to help train employees using online resources.

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