GS Web Architecture Updates

The Technology team has been working tirelessly on one of the largest projects for KORE TRAX. The overhaul of the infrastructure that KORE TRAX was built on is now complete.  The changes implemented and tested successfully enables us to deploy the new infrastructure company-wide. At present, we have added over 600 users to the new GS WEB TRAX platform across Ontario, Boston, Texas, New York and Chicago. Another great success story for the evolution of TRAX!

What does the new infrastructure mean to the user? The GS Web update will:

UI Design Changes

With the GS Web changes, the KORE TRAX team has simplified the software architecture, supporting the ability to have richer interactions on application pages. Some examples of this include:

Specifically, in this update we made significant changes in the ‘Contract and Changes’ tab. By streamlining the design, this section now supports more functionality on one screen. Several menu items on the left navigation pane have been eliminated, and functionality is moved to a single screen to enhance the user experience. The expanding and collapsing functionality ensures the user can manage most of the functionality in a one-stop shop page, as seen below.

The accounting functionality has been enhanced in TRAX, and now features the ability to print cheques out of TRAX for accounting purposes. This improvement enables us to move this critical accounting functionality from a 3rd party plug-in into the TRAX system.

In addition, we have updated the accounting system to provide a fully integrated accounting solution with added features:

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