As TRAX becomes a widely accepted and utilized resource for HTS, our development teams strive to make additional improvements to the functionality of the software. The next major update to TRAX will be the implementation of an integrated Parts and Inventory system. This feature would allow for more efficient inventory flow for Sales Orders and Project Sales, and provide more accurate and detailed information for salespeople in the parts department of HTS with respect to inventory, sales order status and purchase status.

Creating a reliable internal inventory system will deliver improved sales and purchase order processing, inventory management, and replenishment processing. In addition, this will allow TRAX to maintain a database equipped with overall company information regarding historical orders, and orders in process by supplier and manufacturer. Streamlining inventory, sales, shipments, and project management helps TRAX continue to provide valuable information for employees, customers, and suppliers.

Can one of the most document intensive industries ever go paperless? The TRAX development team believes that, like everything, this can be made possible with the right technology. Bluebeam integration was added to TRAX in late 2016, and now stores all documents sent into HTS Ontario to improve collaboration, radically reduce paper usage, optimize space utilization in the offices, and support the ability to work from anywhere.

With Bluebeam in TRAX, HTS employees can review, edit, and mark-up construction documents digitally. Multiple users can collaborate from different offices to work simultaneously on the same job documents using Bluebeam Studio, while allowing collaborators to see or filter other team member’s markups and comments – all in real time. This integration is an important step for TRAX as developers aim for the overall goal of achieving maximum business efficiency through carefully designed technology.

After seeing success in both Canada and Texas, TRAX was expanded to reach users in the three Northern US regions of HTS: New York, Boston, and Chicago. In June of 2016, all HTS employees – totaling more than 600 – had access to TRAX and were making the shift to improve their business with enhanced technology. On opening day, TRAX saw eight unique users in its new regions, as well 80 unique users in Texas and 140 in Ontario. As TRAX widens its footprint across North America with HTS, the software development team prepares by expanding their areas of responsibility to include ongoing TRAX training for current employees, and onboarding training for working with new customers and implementing complex projects.

Business success requires effective, efficient communication that results in productive action. For this reason, from day one, TRAX provided sales teams with the ability to send bids out via email. This allows users to incorporate internal data stored in the TRAX database, assemble a bid, and directly email it from within the system.

Through solutions like this, TRAX aims to deliver a software tool which successfully incorporates all aspects of business operations, eliminating the need to switch between programs constantly throughout a work day. Since the initial launch of TRAX, email integration has been improved through the addition of email logging capabilities, and support for email in other parts of the system, most notably in the TRAXit application for managing tasks, to create smooth communication with outside contacts.

With the introduction of TRAXits in June of 2016, TRAX provides a unified, convenient way for employees to keep track of tasks and to-do’s, and monitor project progress. TRAXits can be assigned by users to specific groups or individuals, and status is tracked through the phases of New, Acknowledged, Current, and Done. On each TRAXit, users can add due dates and reminder dates, and carry on logged conversations with notes and attached documents. All TRAXits assigned to a user are sorted and filtered on their TRAX dashboard, to allow for quick, simple management of all current tasks.

For HTS, the use of TRAXits is being adopted by a growing number of employees and departments, who utilize the combination of managing outstanding tasks, collaboration capability, and the ability to maintain organizational memory. In the first three months of implementation at HTS, employees created more than 1,000 TRAXits. By the end of the first eight months, the number of existing TRAXits in the system increased to more than 10,000, and continues climbing today.

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